Day 2 of Leadership Induction Training Trainee Council

With our main facilitators at Tom Mboya Labour College, Bro. Abok Dennis, Pst. Collins Ogechi and Mr. Nyamgero covering topics in leadership, qualities of a good leader, Self development, influencing their fellow comrades in the right direction. Time management especially balancing the equation of being a leader and a student. Ensuring self discipline in maintaining their routine and mechanisms of time management. HIV/AIDS, Substance and Drug Abuse which is major problem in all higher learning institutions, they have to stand tall and lead as an example as the short term and long Term effects affect all of us as a family. And finally building a Team that works and delivers to their fellow comrades as they are a bridge between the comrades and management. The Day was graced off by the Deputy Principal Academics, Mr. David Omondi