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Certificate offered at RIAT

  1.  RadioTv and Electronic servicing internal certificate
  2.  Craft certificate in Electronics
  3.  Certificate in Refrigeration and air conditioning
  4.  Certificate in Electrical installation
  5.  Certificate in Garment Making
  6.  Certificate in Food and Beverage Production, Sales and Science
  7.  Certificate in Supplies Management
  8.  Artisan certificate in Masonry
  9.  Certificate in Business Administration
  10.  Artisan certificate in Plumbing
  11.  Certificate in Surveying
  12.  Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery
  13.  Certificate in Automotive Engineering
  14.  Certificate in Fisheries Technology


Diploma Courses offered at RIAT

  1.  Diploma in Social Work and community development
  2.  Diploma in Communication and Social studies
  3.  Diploma in Information Technology
  4.  Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication)
  5.  Diploma Electronics and Electronic Engineering (Power option)
  6.  Diploma in Food and beverage management
  7.  Diploma in Secretarial studies
  8.  Diploma in Information technology
  9.  Diploma Business Administration
  10.  Diploma in supplies management
  11.  Diploma in Quantity Survey
  12.  Diploma in Automotive Engineering


Prequalifications for 2020/2022

Please go to Tenders Menu and Download the Prequalifications Documents.

There are no vacancies at the moment. 


We have 347 guests and no members online

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