RIAT Tenders

  S.No. Title of Tender  Click on the Download icon to download tender
  A. Current Open Tenders (2020/2022)  
  A.1 Expression of Interest for the Design and Maintenance of RIAT Website   
  A.2 Prequalifications for 2020/2022 
  B. Tenders for 2017/2019 (Past Tenders)
  B.1  Tender for Enterprise Resource Planning System
  B.2   Tender for Driving School Truck
  B.3  Tender for Hostel Drawing Structural 2
  B.4  Tender for Hostel Drawing Structural 1
  B.5  Tender for Building the Gate
  B.6  Tender for Hostel Architectural Drawing 
  B.7  Tender for Building Ladies Hostel
  B.8 Tender for Gate Architectural Drawing
  B.9 Tender for Gate Section

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